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Choosing a good naming is the first step to stand out.

We devise unique, eye-catching and catchy names, taking into account your vision, positioning, value proposition, and domain availability.

Naming is a fundamental asset for your brand.

Although your brand has its own identity, the name is the tool we use to refer to it verbally.

What is naming?

Naming is the technique or process by which a name is given to a brand, so it must have a solid argument, a concept and a projection into the future. This process can be applied to find the best name for a company, a brand or even a product or service.

It is a strategic exercise and requires extensive communication skills. Positioning yourself in the minds of an audience requires constant efforts, but defining the right name will undoubtedly help to achieve this faster, easier and longer. Therefore, try not to make the naming part of a particular context.

It is important to take into account the fundamental characteristics of naming in order to develop this process.

Why is it important to name your brand appropriately?

In today’s globalised society – with a huge competition in any sector, a wide range of products and very similar brands – the customer is faced every day with the decision of choosing what he/she consumes. If your name is strong, it will be easier for a lead to choose you.

When the brand name is ideal, your communication, marketing and sales strategies will be more efficient. Remember that the brand name appears in all the efforts you make to send a message, attract, convert and satisfy, so with an inadequate name many of those strategies could require a double effort or even fail. A good name means better business opportunities; so it is wise to invest time and talent in selecting what represents your brand to customers and competitors.

By creating your name you are giving your company (product or service) an identity and personality, which it will project and nurture over time. It will also be the banner with which you interact with your audience. This is fundamental.

A company may be legally incorporated with a name before the law, but it can develop and name a brand to connect with the audience. For example, Marufuku Company is a company to which the Nintendo brand belongs. Marufuku Company is the legal name of the company, but Nintendo is the name they chose for their product and it is sonorous, distinctive, legible, timeless and has certainly been a successful name.

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