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Psychology of perception

Psychology of perception

We have already talked about the way in which different colours can transmit sensations or concepts, in the same way, the shapes themselves can transmit ideas or sensations.

The psychology of perception or shape is directly related to that demonstrated in the theory of Gestalt, which was a current of modern psychology that arose in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, which studied forms and how they directly influenced human perception.

Gestalt theories of perception are based on the natural human tendency to understand objects and structures as a whole, rather than the sum of their parts. At another time, I will do a post to go deeper into this interesting theory.

Graphic Designer. Why your project needs one.

There are still many people who keep asking me: What does a graphic designer do? And there are still people who tend to think that a designer is limited exclusively to “making everything prettier”. Maybe this is because not many people know the amount of work involved in the whole process until the final result is achieved, or all the areas and notions that a graphic design professional must master in order to achieve that “beautiful result”.

So I’m going to use this article to go a little deeper into it.


We are in constant contact with typefaces. They accompany us at all times, as they are part of our daily routine. We see them on posters, advertisements, reading, books and many more. We are therefore talking about a constant visual element that we can make use of in graphic design.

Furthermore, typographies are a key tool when designing the brand identity or branding of a project. Together with the logo, the colour palette and other resources, they form part of the visual branding that we design strategically to reinforce the message we want to send.

In this article I am going to go deeper into the concept of typography. You will learn what a typeface family is and its variables, as well as the 4 main groups of typefaces that exist according to their shape.

Colour palette

Which colour palette is right for my brand? Colour has an important role to play in design and in everyday life. It can draw you to an image, provoke emotions, and communicate something without saying a single word. Which colours go well together and which don’t? Why do we use some colours and not others for which projects? What sensations do colours convey? What do they communicate?


What is a logotype?

It is very common to use the term logotype to refer to any symbol or element that is used to identify a brand or company, whatever type it may be. And this is reasonable, since there are several types and not everyone is familiar with the terminology that identifies each one of them. Moreover, it is convenient to use it in a generic way. In fact, in this post, I’m going to talk about logos referring to all kinds.