Brand identity

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Brand identity

Brand identity

A strong brand identity makes people trust it.

The way a brand is perceived directly affects its success. The intangible value of brand identity is often far greater than that of a company’s tangible assets.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

Jonathan Swift

What is Brand identity?

The brand identity contains the DNA of our brand, and is the foundation for the construction of any of its elements.

All of this is gathered in a Brand Platform, a model that organises and sets out the main brand ideals (vision, mission, values, etc.), which will end up being the core of your universe.

  • Vision and mission
    The mission defines the purpose of the company’s existence, while the vision is the destination the company wants to reach.
  • Values
    Values are the principles or ideals that set out the attitudes and behaviours expected by the company and its employees.
  • Personality
    Brand personality is the set of emotional characteristics and attributes that are associated with a brand and its behaviour towards the environment and its audience.
  • Voice tone
    Informative or casual? Fun or formal? Depending on your target, your verbal communication can be very different.
  • Brand concept
    It functions as an organisational pillar that will be the basis for strategy, behaviour, actions and communications.
  • Value proposal
    The value proposition can be summarised in a brand claim or tagline, but it is not an advertising slogan, which is a temporary message.

What does it consist of?

Identity is what makes us unique, but it is not just a visual aspect. Identity is defined by the way a brand relates, how it expresses itself, how it feels, etc.

  • Visual identity
    It is related to the entire graphic part of the brand. Its entire universe is included in the visual identity manual. At vidi we specialise in this type of identity.
  • Verbal identity
    Verbal identity is the language we use to communicate with our target audience and, in part, defines our personality and values.
  • Sensory identity
    Sensory identity completes the meaning of what we see and believe, with the sensations that cannot be described in words: smells, sounds, textures, etc.
  • Attitudinal identity
    There is no better way to demonstrate our values and ideals than by our actions. It is the way to define who we really are.

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